tisdag 19 januari 2010

"Eye Candy"

Kakan Hermansson & Jamila Drott, both work in the field of popular culture, exploring the aesthetics of commercial hiphop; its gestures and imagery. The artists share an interest in stylistic hierarchies and general notions of good and bad taste. They have both come of age within the Swedish hiphop culture and often work with projects where they investigate how hip hop culture has influenced their generation, and its concepts of style. This exhibition is an excursion into the field of hiphop as a means of self promotion through lifestyle-display; and as home styling concept. Both artists have a background in a traditional education in crafts, but have chosen to work with different materials, stepping outside the frame of their traditions. This creates opportunities to play with people's expectations about what craft is and what it stands for, and opens a discussion about contemporary crafts and arts.By using hiphop and its styles and imagery in their art work, the artists work in a broader realm where social class is constantly present.

Show opening on Thursday the 21st of Januari on Studio Seved, Sevedsplan, Malmö

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